Synopsis: The profession of a soldier is the only one that uses death as a working tool. Today, the wars in which European countries are involved take place thousands, even tens of thousands of kilometers away from their borders. While soldiers cope with the extremely violent reality of their job, much of civil society considers them mercenaries. The trauma created by the close encounter with death – which is brutally losing its status as a concept – is caused by this new form of war, in which soldiers are no longer seen as heroes defending their homeland. This film does not aim to clarify whether contemporary soldiers are really mercenaries or not; is a film in which the traumas of the war in Afghanistan are revealed and analyzed directly by those who live them.

Director: Anca Hirte
Screenwriter: Anca Hirte
Cinematographer: Andrei Oană
Editor: Delia Oniga
Producers: Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Elena Martin
Genre: feature length documentary
Status: In production